My oldest (4 1/2) still has tantrums, they are few and far between, but they still happen. Last night he had a big tantrum. We have made a habit of going to the pool after naps and spending an hour or two until dinner time. Yesterday was no different than any other day except when we left the pool to go home my son started to get upset.

My husband had met us at the pool, he came straight from work, when we all left he got in the car and we walked. My son was not happy about that. He wanted to ride with his Dad but there was no car seat in that car so I said no. So the whole walk home (about 7 minutes) he cried and cried and cried. Then he noticed a bunny and cried even more because I wouldn't stop to look at the bunny, I just wanted to get home.

The whole walk home I just kept my eyes forward and decided not to respond to his crying. Everyone was outside and of course we got a lot of eyes our way. But kids have tantrums and I'm not about to feel guilty because mine was having a meltdown at that moment in time.

I thought it would stop when we arrived at the house and he was reunited with his Dad, but it didn't. So I took him to his room and let him cry in there until he stopped crying. (sigh)

Let's just say it was an exhausting night. I did not feel like cooking last night. After all was calm we went to grab a bite to eat. The food was gross and the service was super slow. I wish I would have cooked.

Tonight I will cook last nights planned dinner. It's still in the fridge marinating and it will be even better tonight.


Robyn said...

I've been there more times than I care to admit. It's amazing how the attitudes can change when a 4 year-old is tired. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds tough. It seems like you did the right thing. Sorry dinner didn't work out well. Keep your chin up! There are good days ahead. :)

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