Run for today

Today I decided to try and get a long run in. I sometimes fall into routine when I run. That can make running boring and has in the past made me dread getting up and doing it.

Doing the same thing over and over doesn't improve your running or challenge your body in any way.

What I have decided to do is an easy run, speedwork run and a long run in every week. It will take a little more for thought from me to plan these things. But I'm in it for the long haul and I want to enjoy and be challenged by running. Yes, running can be enjoyable I promise!

I chose a completely different path today because I didn't want to chicken out during the run and end up doing the same thing as always, comfort zone. I have been averaging about 3.5 miles per run so I really want to break into the 4 mile range. Baby steps.

When we were looking at homes here in Irvine one of our finalist was located by this nature preserve and I had envisioned running trails and riding my bike in the preserve. When we picked this home, which I'm very happy with, I couldn't help to be a little bummed by not being so close to the Quail Hill Preserve. Low and behold after mapping it out on RunKeeper I realized that we are really close to the preserve and there are paths leading over to the area from my neighborhood!! Yippee!!

It is beautiful! I did not go on a trail run because I am a bit nervous running on trails in the wilderness all by my lonesome. I did run on the paved path around the preserve and it was a wonderful change of scenery. Now I need to find a running partner to hit the trails with. I think we may take the kids hiking over there and I will take my own pictures then. I don't know how people take pictures while running/biking?

FYI: my stats are a little wonky today, my RunKeeper froze up or something, but I don't think everything is completely accurate. I will give the recorded stats and what I believe my stats were.

My stats:
Time: 38:52--more like 47 minutes
Distance: 4.78--I reached my goal!
Avg. Pace: 8:08 --more like 9:45-10:00ish
Calories Burned: 635

What's your fitness routine? Do you need to mix it up a bit?

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