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I did speedwork today, ouch. Thanks, Caitlin, for the inspiration. I didn't have a lot of time this morning so I thought this would be a great alternative to my normal run.

After today's speedwork session I have decided to change up my running during the week to look something like this:
  • Monday- Normal pace run, easy miles.
  • Wednesday- Speedwork
  • Friday- Normal/easy pace, add miles.
I did a little reading and I am working on developing my own plan for speedwork. Today's plan was not well thought out since I kinda decided last minute to try it. 

I read a little bit at Runner's world about speedwork and I thought this was insightful:
Speedwork doesn’t just make you run faster. It makes you fitter, increases the range of movement in your joints, makes you more comfortable at all speeds, and it will ultimately help you to run harder for longer.
Here are a couple of articles that I am reading about speedwork:
My stats:
Time: 19:16
Distance: 2.01
Avg. Pace: 9:36
Fastest Pace: 7:25
Calories burned: 250

After my run I worked on my abs. 

I have been tracking my Swim Outlet order and I am soo excited to say that it is on the truck for delivery as of this morning! I can't wait to get the package the hard part will be waiting until after dinner to go for a swim with all my new goodies. 

Do you have a speedwork day? If so, what is your speedwork plan? 

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Anonymous said...

I think I'm finally at the point where I can start some speedwork. I've only been running about 6 months and have just been working on endurance until this point.

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