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After my lap swimming on Saturday, I realized that in order to learn how to swim and train my muscles correctly I will need to invest in some basic swim gear.

I went online to look at the list I made the other day and I realized just how expensive this stuff can get. I went to T.J. Maxx to see if I could score a cheap speedo suit and I found two. I couldn't get one of the suits over my thigh, now after understanding the sizing I realize it was a youth swimsuit. Come on, I wasn't really looking at it closely I was looking at the $7 price! The other one was $15 but didn't fit either.

I went to Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods. They both had everything I needed but it would have cost me close to $200 and I really didn't want to spend that kind of money.

I went home empty handed a little bummed out and eyeing my daughters goggles again. But then I remembered one of the girls from lap swimming had mentioned a swim store online, so I started searching the web. And found this awesome site...

I was able to purchase:
All of this plus taxes and shipping for $68.50. That is cheaper than one swimsuit!! I ordered all of this late last night. This morning I received an email that they shipped it today! I payed for the lowest grade shipping which takes 4-7 days. I am soo excited to try out all this new stuff!

All of the athletic swimsuits were very well priced, most of them are last season's colors and patterns. I decided to go with a TYR grab bag for $19.95. It was priced right and all the reviews on the TYR suits were just as good as the Speedo.

The grab bags work like this: You pick the brand and size. They pick the suit from last years colors/prints. They are the nice competition grade swimsuits. But it's a mystery as to what it actually looks like. It could be really really ugly. It's for training so I'm not that worried about it. If it's poop brown then bring it on...just remind me I said that, okay?  It's a $66 swimsuit for $20!

I liked the Swim Outlet a lot! If you are looking into, just starting out, or need a new swimsuit or swim gear check them out. They have great prices, and so far their service is quick.

I'll take a pic of the new "mystery swimsuit" when it gets here.


Vitamama said...

Poop brown? Oh my, us moms, we just CANNOT get away from POOP! When will it end?!!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Vitamama- Yes, poop brown...is the ugliest color I could come up with. :) No end in sight...

Elaine Forward said...

Sterling High School uses swim out let for our girls and boys swim teams and maggie our swim coach loves the TYR brand of suits and their bags.. good choice.. I never thought to share that info with you.. glad you found what you needed. they have great customer service also

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