Weston's big bike ride

Natalie and I ran errands on Saturday morning and Weston and David went for a bike ride. It was suppose to be just a little 1 mile ride on a bike path behind our house. It turned out to be a big 8 mile bike ride!  After they finished their small ride, Weston kept asking to ride more so they rode around town to a bike shop, had lunch and came home. He was soo proud of himself and his big ride with Daddy! We are proud of him, too!

Since we moved here he has been asking us to take off his training wheels. So later on Sunday afternoon we took them off. He tried the bike without training wheels for about 5 minutes and then asked us to put them back on. It was cute.

This is one of the reasons I love living an active and healthy lifestyle. The kiddos see us doing all this stuff outside and eating healthy food, so they want to do it too. It's not a struggle to get them to be active or to eat their veggies, they do it because they want to, and they know it's good for their body.

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