Bike ride

We enjoyed a wonderful bike ride as a family tonight. We bought a bike trailer two weekends ago and have been using it like crazy!

The kids love riding in the trailer and I love riding together as a family. Sometimes Weston will ride on his own outside the trailer and Natalie rides alone but a lot of the time they ride together.

Tonight we took our favorite trail to our favorite frozen yogurt shop. These little shops are all over the place here in California. Tutti Frutti is our favorite so far because it is self serve. You pick from a bunch of flavors and get as much as you like or as little as you like.

My Stats:
Distance: 4.32
Avg. Pace: 7.11
Calories Burned: 156

When we got home I did my weight routine and abs workout.

I feel very uninspired for biking. I really have no direction. I am trying to find a good training plan to follow...do you know of any? I'm not great at biking but I think it's great for cross training (so that I don't just run everyday) and eventually I would love to try a triathlon.


Anonymous said...

Sign up for a triathlon! That will keep you inspired. There are training plans all over google.

Vitamama said...

Is that actually the bike path you rode on? That is some gorgeous scenery!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Funfitandfabulous- I have seriously considered signing up for a tri but I am very very nervous about open water swimming. I'm trying to build up my swim skills before I sign up.

Vitamama- Yes, this is the path we rode on. It is breathtaking. That's why we love it soo much. When we go after dinner the sun is setting and the hills are golden from the sun. Beautiful....you would love it!!

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