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Anonymous said...

How do you come up with these meal plans every week? Is there a website you use or do you just come up with the ideas on your own?

Simply Fit Mama said...

I come up with them on my own. I get inspired by dinning out or seeing a recipe in a magazine. If it's a new recipe to me I will mark it as a new recipe.

I think I am able to do this because I have been the chef of our house for about 10 years!! So I have had a lot of time to come up with favorites. I love planning meals and making them jive. (Well I love food.) When I first started cooking for my husband I would always have a main dish but stumped when it came to sides.

And some weeks I am uninspired. Like this weeks plan. I went to the grocery store with no plan. Which can wreak havoc on the grocery budget if I'm not careful. Sometimes it's a fun challenge to make meals at the store. Hard with two kids in tow though.

Sorry this is long winded... I was feeling chatty. :)

Hope this answers your questions!

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