Do you race...why not?

Have you ever thought of running in a 5k? Even if you haven't thought of racing maybe you should give it a try.

When I started on my journey to better health and fitness it was really just about how I wanted to look and feel. If I am really honest with myself it was more about losing weight. I would get frustrated if I didn't see the scale moving in the right direction. I would count every little calorie I ate and I was a bit grumpy. I did lose weight. I lost around 25-30 pounds.

After I lost the initial weight I started to grow tired of counting my calories and tired of my same ol' workout routine. I gained a little weight back and of course was frustrated and started to weigh myself again. I felt frustrated and down about the weight that I started to put back on.

It was at this point I realized I needed to stop obsessing with the scale and calories. I felt like I had made significant improvements with my health. I couldn't see myself counting calories and weighing myself constantly, it was such a trapped way of thinking.

I started eyeing a 5k. I had never really thought about racing. Then I remembered a website that someone had told me about five years ago! I looked it up and started training for my first 5k. I didn't fully commit to the 5k training the first time but I did sign up and run my first race. My goal was to run and not walk the whole race, I achieved that goal. This accomplishment felt great and spurred me to train for another 5k with more effort so that I would be better prepared.

All of a sudden I had stopped counting calories and obsessing about the scale without even realizing it. I was focused on running and learning the new skill! Running has been challenging and fun. You don't have to be an athlete to run a 5k. If you can walk you can run, I promise.

So why not? Sign up for a 5k! Just make the commitment, you know you've been thinking about it.
Not sure where to start...I can help you!

To find a race in your area:
To find a 5k training program:
Tracking your running:
Have you ever thought of running a race? Yes...what's holding you back from doing it? No...why not?

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