Run for today

Today I decided to sleep in and take it easy. The kiddos woke up and jumped in bed to snuggle me, which is one of my favorite things about sleeping in. I knew I had to get my run in sometime today plus I am trying to swim on my run days.

After the kiddos napped I loaded them up in our new bike trailer/jogging stroller and headed out for a run. On Wednesday's I've been trying to work on speedwork but since I had the kiddos with me I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Have you ever pushed a jogging stroller with a 3 year old and almost 5 year old in it!! Together they weight 72 pounds. It was extremely hard. It wasn't the stroller's fault, it had great control and movement. I am just not used to pushing that much weight and having my hands hold on to something.

The kiddos loved going on a run with me. They asked if we can do it again, I said maybe. I had to stop at 2.5 miles and walk the rest of the way. Apparently while we were running we had an earthquake. I didn't notice since I was just trying to make it home without dying.

It was a beautiful run though. When I moved here there were beautiful purple blooming trees that dropped flowers all over the sidewalks. Now that those are finished dropping flowers, there are these beautiful yellowish/orange flower trees that are blooming and dropping flowers all over the sidewalk. It's lovely.

My Stats:
Distance: 2.66
Time: 29.20
Avg. Pace: 11:03
Calories Burned: 264

I also went to the pool and worked on swimming. I spent 20 minutes at the pool working on form and trying to build endurance.

Yesterday's fitness:

Road Bike Stats
Distnace: 5.21
Duration: 36:23
Avg. Pace: 6.59

30 minutes P90 weights video:
Using 8 pound weights on everything except shoulder fly, I use 5 pound weights for those.


Deanna@MilesToRun said...

I just found your blog while doing a search for running blogs on google. I am also a mother and a runner...I can relate to those jogging stroller runs. Ugh. Love your blog!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Hi Deanna - I'm glad you stumbled onto my blog! Thank you for you kind words. :) I love your profile pic!! I hope you enjoy my site, your site is great too love all the workout advice!

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