Lap swimming

After dinner the whole family headed to the pool. So I decided to tackle my lap swimming while they were playing around. I worked on my form for about 20 minutes and then I played with the family.

On a family note...the kiddos are doing great with swimming. I can't believe how quickly they are picking it up! Natalie has been a fish since she was born but Weston is a lot like me and has been a little afraid of the water. Here is a video that David took of the kids swimming two weekends ago.
It is soo much fun to take them to the pool and watch them swim! They love to see how far they can swim. It's become a big game to see who can swim the farthest. Tonight, Weston, even tried to swim a couple of laps with me. He stayed very close to the wall and would take a break when he needed to but all in all he is did a great job! 

Of course there is a lot of goofing off at the pool. David held Natalie's kicking board tonight and let her pretend it was a surf board. That made for a nervous Mommy. Weston likes to sit on the bottom of the pool and see how long he can stay down. And of course there are many many cannonballs!


Anonymous said...

Wow Brandy I am amazed at how much more comfortable Weston is in the water since being at the hotel in May.. Natalie is really going right along. How fun for all.. sounds like you are having some warmth.

Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

The kids are doing so great in the water! We are FINALLY starting to take baby steps in that direction...I need to get to the pool more....and I need a few more arms to help everyone! :) It's been a frustrating experience for me...I come from a family of competitive swimmers (me included) and so I feel like failure that my kids have been timid around the water. This summer I have discarded my disdain of waterwings and other floatation devices...at least with them on they are taking strides towards swimming. When we were at the pool last week they even spent some time trying to swim without them. Baby steps. :)

Ann said...

They are doing so well! LOVE the video of those precious little guppies!!

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