Run for today

Done! My neighbor came out for the run this morning. I had lofty goals today and somehow thought I would be able to run seven miles. Five was enough. Once I got out there and started running I realized that adding the five mile runs this week has started to catch up to me and I was not ready to add anymore. Also I need a water belt or something, today I tried using my daughters Camelbak because it fits tighter and does not ride up when I run, let's just say I have another raw spot this time on my underarm. Total bummer.

I run three days a week these days, I used to run 3-5 days a week but started having shin pain. I have since decided it is good for me to have days of cross training in between my running days. It gives my body a chance to rest and on my running days I am refreshed and not dreading the runs since I only run 3x a week.

When I got home both of the kiddos started waking up (earlier than normal) and they joined me for my abs routine. They are the best workout buddies! After abs they wanted to work on their yoga, they used to do yoga every morning while I cleaned the kitchen after breakfast. Since we have moved I have fell out of that routine. So as I am typing they are following along with their yoga video.

If you are interested this is a great yoga video for kids, there are two DVDs, one is ABC yoga and the other is from Silly to calm. Both are great and my kids love using them, the ABC is our favorite.

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