Getting ready for my first double digit run!

This showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I ordered it last weekend and have been counting down the days until it's arrival.

It's a Garmin Forerunner 305. I have debated buying this little gadget for almost a year now. The "kiddos" wanted to get me one for mother's day this year but I really didn't know which one I wanted or if I really needed one. I felt like the garmin's are for hard core runners--not me.

Up until this point I have used RunKeeper to track my mileage, pace, etc. RunKeeper has been great and I would recommend it to anyone who has a smart phone and is just starting out. I felt like the GPS was a little wonky at times and my pace would jump or decrease when I know I was running a consistent pace. It also tends to freeze up a bit on longer runs.

I have been building a good mileage base because starting Monday I will be officially training for the Long Beach Half-Marathon! So I figured I will get good use out of my new gadget in the next 9ish weeks of training.

Today will be my first of many double digit runs. I am a bit nervous and I hope I don't pass out at mile 8!   I am skipping my morning swim today since I don't think it would be wise to swim 1600-1800 meters then run 10 miles. I will miss my swim today but I am excited about my big double digit run ahead of me!

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