10 miles, baby!

I survived and still had the energy to laugh and smile about the run afterwards. It was a great run. I can't believe I ran 10 miles!!

The first mile or two are always my hardest miles because my legs feel like bricks but after a couple more miles I get into a groove and surprisingly feel pretty good for the longer runs.

I plan on running with, Gina (the one in the hat), for my long runs on Saturday's. I met her during my Saturday swims and have enjoyed her company on our two runs that we have shared. So Gina, here's to Long Beach!!

I'm such a dork!  :)
My right foot bothered me a bit during the run. Actually it was my right pinky toe and it was killing me at about mile 6. When I took off my shoes at the house I had a little bit of blood on my right sock. Really I thought my pinky toe fell off but it didn't it's still attached. The nail just rubbed too much on the toe next to it and made a great battle wound. :)

Overall the run was good and I can easily visualize running the extra miles needed to finish the half. The race is in October the weekend after my birthday. Training and finishing the race will be a gift to myself.

My Stats:
Distance: 10.03
Time: 1:45
Avg. Pace: 10:29
Calories Burned: 991
Avg. Heart Rate: 173

This was my first run with the Garmin. I wore the heart rate monitor because I have never tracked my heart rate running. The watch was slightly annoying because I had set all these alarms to alert me when I was going too slow, too fast, at certain distances, etc. It was a lot of beeping and I wanted to turn off all the alerts but I couldn't remember how I set them in the first place. Sigh. I am sure this is going to be a great training tool to help me get to the next level in running. Learning curves can be frustrating but I'm sure I will figure it out and end up loving it.


Deanna@MilesToRun said...

Great job on your run! You inspired me. I have a long run to get in this weekend. Way to go; you are going to rock your race in Oct.!

That Slipcover Girl said...

You are the mac mama! So cute! Glad you found a running partner. miss you!

Vitamama said...

Ditto on Slipcover's remark: Glad you found a running buddy. You look awesome. Cute pics! XOXO. Miss you like crazy.

Simply Fit Mama said...

Deanna- Thanks! I'm nervous! :)

Kristi & Mir- Miss ya'll soo much!! :(

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