A great thing about the blogging community...

is when people come together to help each other out. Callie over at The Wannabe Athlete has been raising funds for her Aunt's radiation therapy. I don't know Callie, but my family has been touched by cancer and I have witness a handful of friends deal with the heavy weight of financial stress on top of the stress of fighting for their life. Let's try and help alleviate one of those stresses for Callie's aunt.

The Wannabe Athlete has partnered with Bondi Band to raise the funds for treatment. If you are looking for a way to get your hair / sweat out of your face while you are running, biking or really doing anything check out her site and order a band 50% of the sales go towards treatment cost.

Make sure to order through her website and all orders must be placed by noon on Wednesday, August 11th.

I ordered the "Fight" headband with the pink band.

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