Run for today- Easy Run

This week is a recovery week for me. I am really excited about the break! I still could not get my booty out of bed this morning, so I ran tonight. It turned out to be a great run, and it was actually easy. I can't believe I can say that a six mile run was easy, I never thought I would be able to say that!

Every run labeled "easy" leading up to tonight's run has not felt that easy. I think my body is actually getting stronger and that is why this run felt a lot easier.

So tonight the goal pace was 10:00. Here's what I did:

My Stats:
Distance: 6 miles
Time: 58:34
Avg. Pace: 9:45
Calories burned: 578

Mile 1- 9:55
Mile 2- 9:46
Mile 3 - 9:57
Mile 4 - 9:48
Mile 5 - 9:46
Mile 6 - 9:17

I didn't get a chance to post about my Saturday 10 mile run, so I figured I would just give a quick review of it today.
My hip had bothered me all week, my running partner for my Saturday runs has a knee injury, and I had a bad week of running leading up to Saturday morning. All those things made for a very unmotivated Brandy early Saturday morning. I ended up lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement after 40 extra minutes of debating why I didn't want to run.

After a mile or two I was happy with my decision to run and not go back to bed! It was a great run!

Goal pace was: 10:25

My Stats:
Distance: 10:01
Time: 1:40
Avg. Pace: 10:00
Calories Burned: 986
Avg. HR: 170 bpm

Mile 1- 10:06
Mile 2- 9:54
Mile 3 - 10:01
Mile 4 - 10:02
Mile 5 - 10:01
Mile 6-  10:01
Mile 7 - 10:00
Mile 8 - 10:11
Mile 9 - 10:03
Mile 10- 9:43

When I got home and reviewed my splits I was amazed at how consistent I paced! This is huge for me because usually I go really fast for a mile or two and then really slow and then really fast... you get the picture right?


Ann said...

Holy Moley! I am in awe! You burned off the amount of calories I ate for breakfast!! Kidding!! Good for you! You are really becoming a hard-core runner!!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Thanks, Ann. Your funny! :) Miss you! Running has been nice here.

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