Fitness recap for the week

I don't know what has happened to me this week. But I am still here...a little tired, I think the new training plan is starting to catch up with me.

This was week two of my half-marathon training. It was a tough week for me and I really didn't get it done right. I was feeling bummed about and feeling like I could have tried a little harder, but I didn't.

I ended last week with a strong 10 mile run on Saturday. My hip bothered me all weekend. I am working on stretching and listening to my body because I don't want to end of with an injury.

Here is what my schedule looked like:
M: Easy run- 7 miles @10:00 pace ---Actual: Painful 2 miles @11:27 pace
T: Cross Train- 45 minute Swim 1200 meters
W: Tempo run - 2 miles WU & CD 5 miles @ 9:40 ---Actual:  2 miles WU & C 3 miles @ 9:45
Th: Easy run - 7 miles @ 10:00 pace ---Actual: Nothing
F: Cross Train - 30 minute Swim 600 meters fast

So my goal for tomorrow is to run a great 10 mile run and not worry too much about this week. Hope that the time off and reduced miles helped my old lady hip heal and get stronger. 

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