Run for today- Tempo Run

My hubby had to go into work pretty early this morning so my morning run had to be an evening run. I asked David and the kids to come along for the run tonight because I knew I was going to struggle and I didn't want to cave. David loaded up the kids in the bike trailer and road in front, behind and along side of me throughout the run.

Around four miles in I was really struggling to keep the pace. I chose a bad running path for a tempo run; this path has a lot of hills. It was great to hear the kiddos yelling "echo" under every bridge, it brightened the mood.

I run this same path on Saturday mornings and it has a different feel early Saturday morning. In the evening you pass by the high school and the band is out practicing, wonderful to hear. Then you pass baseball fields and you hear all the cheering and the unmistakable sound of a ball making contact with a bat. Finally you pass the hockey rink and the music is loud and fun. Thats the last interesting site before  my turn around for tonight.

The original goal for tonight's tempo run was:
Warm up 1 mile
4 miles @ 9:30 pace
Cool down 1 mile

Since my pace on Monday was 17 seconds slower than planned I adjusted my tempo run by 10 seconds. So my goal for the 4 miles was 9:40 pace.

My Stats:
Warm up mile: 10:35
Mile 1-9:35
Mile 2-9:48
Mile 3-9:51
Mile 4-9:37
Cool Down Mile: 13:49

Time: 1.03
Distance total: 6 miles
Calories burned: 570

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