Run for today- Easy Run (It wasn't easy)

Today on my training plan I had a 7 mile run at a 10:00 pace. Wow, this seemed really hard, my hips are pretty sore and my joints are sore...Can bones and joints be sore? This makes for a not so easy run, I didn't run in the early morning since I felt like I just finished my tempo run. Instead I waited until the hubster got home and darted out the door, yelling I will be back in 70 minutes, love ya!! :)

My Stats: (My goal is to keep a steady pace during splits)
Mile 1- 9:53
Mile 2 - 10:03
Mile 3 - 10:37 (wanted to quit and call a taxi)
Mile 4 - 9:56
Mile 5 - 10:01
Mile 6 - 9:58
Mile 7 - 9:54

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:10
Avg. Pace: 10:03
Calories Burned: 686
Avg. Heart Rate: 175

Happy this run is behind me. On a good note, my neighbor let me borrow her foam roller, it is painfully awesome!! I spent 20 minutes working on painful pressure points in my legs and hips. I also gave myself a nice back massage with it. I used you tube to figure out how to use it.
Natalie modeling the foam roller, my sweaty visor and brushing her teeth, already a master of multi-tasking!

Have you ever used a foam roller?

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Vitamama said...

Can you post a link to where we can buy a foam roller, read reviews of it, compare prices, etc.? Are you thinking of buying one for yourself?

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