Run for today

I love having the ability to go and run in the morning and occasionally I am able to go in the evening. There are times that this is not a possibility. Sometimes life is life and husbands have to go on business trips or people get sick or it gets too hot outside, etc. Trying to stay on track with training plans with a hurdle in the way can be a challenge, but it can also be fun to think of ways to jump over that hurdle.
I am suppose to run seven miles today as an easy paced run. I have not had much luck running with the jogging stroller because my kids are big now, so if I use it I am pushing 70+ pounds. Plus the kids don't like to ride in strollers they both feel they are too big! They are right. Today I had planned to eat breakfast and then load them in the stroller and at least run five miles. The kiddos protested, so we came to a agreement that they would ride their bikes and I would run along side of them.

This worked out great for the first two miles but then it was little too much for Natalie my youngest (3), right after the two mile mark she said she was done and wanted to go home. We still had a mile and a half to make it home so I helped her along and we had to take a lot of water breaks but we finished.

It wasn't the best physical workout but the kiddos had a great time and it was fun running along side them. I think it's hard to run when obstacles stand in your way, it feels like a victory when you push through those obstacles. So even though I didn't run what I needed to or at the pace I needed to I still rocked it by getting out there and doing something!

Tips for having the kids ride along on your run:
  • Be prepared to stop a lot
  • Keep an eye on them for over-exhaustion 
  • Keep them well hydrated -The kiddos have camelbaks and I have them drink every time they stop.
  • Keep it fun - I will run in front of one and tell them to run me over...they think it's hilarious..especially when I let them catch me!
  • Don't expect a killer workout, Keep it short and sweet-Be happy you laced your shoes up to run.
  • Big snacks upon returning home
When we finished our run I checked my phone and noticed my neighbor had texted me and asked if I wanted to run tonight and that her husband would watch the kiddos...hmm...I may go for another run tonight. Pretty nice that they offered to help out!

Original goal: 7 miles at 9:50 pace

My Stats:
Time: 38 min.
Distance: 3.48
Avg. Pace: 11:06
Calories Burned: 290

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