Countdown to Kindergarten- 4 days

I love how you want to be just like your Daddy. You love learning new things "boy" things that he teaches you. You are always watching him and imitating what he does. He is a great man to learn from.

Recently you told me that you can't wait to grow up and be a daddy. It warmed my heart. I asked you how many kids you wanted and you told me six!! I have asked you a couple times since the first and you are pretty sure you still want six, I have giggled some about this, but in reality I am praying for your future wife.

I pray that right now she is being loved and cared for. That she has the desire to be a mommy to six kids. I pray that she wants to be a part of our family wholeheartedly. Mostly I pray for your future wife to know and love Christ above all else.

Daddy is out of town, before he left I over heard him talk to you about taking caring of me and Natalie. You took the conversation very seriously, so much that you have been eating your daddy's cereal every morning so that you have the strength to protect us. You have been checking the locks on all the doors at night before you go to bed. I am so proud of you and how much you love your family. Thank you for protecting us while daddy is away. One day you will be a wonderful husband and father!


Amber said...

Oh Brandy!! What a cute cute story, I can imagine him eating that cereal. How sweet! We are thinking to come out to CA in the fall to visit my family, maybe we can see you too??! Enzo is almost one, I can't believe it!! I hope things are going well and that you are loving California.

Elaine Forward said...

Brandy heart tugging. Just three more days now until school. did weston get my card.. was not what I really wanted but it did mention school. I am so excited for him.. and sad for you. First day of school always was so difficult for me.. there were always tears. you are good.. love the count down. hugs to all..
Love Mom

Simply Fit Mama said...

Amber- I can't believe how big Enzo is!! He is a handsome boy. :) Would love to see you guys when you come to Cali. Just let me know when your coming!

Elaine-I have the card. I have not given them to him yet, tomorrow I will put the all back in the mailbox and have him check it...then he will get to read them all together the night before school.

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