On Friday my husband brought home a bag full of green goodness. Apparently this is avocado season in California. People have the trees in their yards (not me) and have bags and bags of avocados to share!! During the summer people would give him bags of lemons, limes and plums. Loving the abundance of fruit and veggies here in Cali.

I love love love avocados! If left to my own devises I would eat the whole bag in one sitting. The kiddos don't love them, yet. I still put it on their plate and eventually I am sure they will come around. My husband does is not a fan either and he has not come around yet. I'm still holding out hope though, it took me nine years to get him to like sushi. Okay, so no one is my house loves avocados except me. Which leaves a platter full of fruit and I shouldn't eat the whole platter by myself so I am going to work on freezing portions of the avocado.

It is not ripe yet but I know that if I put one in a bag with an apple or banana that it will ripen in a day or two. I've used this trick plenty of times and it works. 

I have never tried freezing avocado before but I am going to give it a try. I am planning on pureeing the flesh with a little lime or lemon juice and freezing in small portions. 

After scouring the world wide web I found some pretty interesting recipes that I may give a try. There are even dessert recipes for avocado!

Have you ever tried to freeze avocado's before? Any tips or tricks?


Lindsey said...

what about this?! I've been wanting to try but have to grab some avocado. Oh to live somewhere where the stuff is so fresh and so abundant and so LOCAL!


Simply Fit Mama said...

Ooh that looks great, I will give it a try and let you know. I am amazed at everything that can be harvested here. Today on our walk to school I passed two orange trees and a pear tree!

Vitamama said...

I'll be curious to know how the frozen avocado/lime mixture works out. If it tastes good, that'd be a great thing to have on hand.

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