Countdown to Kindergarten- 1 day

All I have to say is you rock!! 
Okay, I have a little more to say than that. Today you learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels! I would like to say I sat there and worked with you for hours and hours but I didn't. You learned how to ride a bike by yourself with your friends cheering you on! Our neighbor had told me that she taught her kids how to ride without training wheels on this bike. I know that you have wanted all summer to ride without training wheels, we've taken them off for a little while but you always have asked us to put them back on fairly quickly.

I went ahead and asked our neighbor if you could try balancing/scooting on this bike and she said of course. I showed you how to scoot with your feet on the ground and told you not to try pedaling just use it like a scooter with your feet on the ground. You did that once then put the bike down and went back to playing with the kids.  I went inside to work on chores occasionally peeking on you and noticed you were back on the bike the second I came inside. Sure enough about 20 minutes later the neighborhood kids came running into my kitchen telling me that you were riding the bike!! 

So I grabbed my phone and watched you and your big grin ride the street without training wheels. You asked me if I was soo proud of you, I was over the top proud of you. It felt as if my chest would burst I was filled with such joy and amazement.

Today the last day of summer you taught yourself how to ride a bike. 


Vitamama said...

God bless you, Weston, on your first day of kindergarten! We know you are going to do awesome! M and O send their hugs...and of course, so do I! Go, get 'em, tiger.

Elaine Forward said...

You will be awesome at school Weston no doubt in this grandmas mind at all... Love you and may this new adventure in your life bring you many blessings .. awesome on the bike accomplishment... hugs to Mom and natalie also...
Love Grandma Elaine

Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! Love you guys!!!

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