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I had written a long winded post regarding my long run on Saturday and for some reason didn't post it or save it, so thankfully you will not have to read all the crazy rambling I had about the run.

Here is the short version:
  • 12 mile run planned for Saturday morning
  • woke up with a little congestion and a scratchy throat 
  • slept in then decided I would feel better if I ran
  • laced up new shoes (excited)
  • got outside a little late which meant it was a lot hotter than normal
  • ran 6 miles felt like death
  • feet were on fire
  • after mile 7 --feeling dizzy and seeing spots--stopped in the shade to try to pull myself together
  • out of water at mile 7
  • no water in sight
  • feet aching
  • ran to two parks for water but both fountains were broke
  • called my husband at 10.5 miles, but he didn't answer (wanted to cry)
  • walked a mile and half home with my head down
  • got home realized I had a fever 
  • laid down and did not get up the rest of the day
Needless to say it was a rough weekend for me. My husband was out of town the majority of last week and I was really happy to have him home but sad I spent the majority of the weekend in bed. 

Here are my stats:
Time: 1:50 --actually longer since I stopped a couple of times and stopped the Garmin for the walk home
Distance: 10.58 --not counting the mile and a half that I walked home
Avg. Pace: 10:23
Calories: 1027

Mile 1- 10:14
Mile 2- 10:07
Mile 3- 9:57
Mile 4- 10:09
Mile 5- 9:53
Mile 6- 9:49
Mile 7- 10:17
Mile 8- 10:13
Mile 9- 10:29
Mile 10- 10:57

My new shoes were long overdue but I probably should have "broken them in" before taking them on a long run. I have never broken in a pair of running shoes and I'm really not sure how to do that except maybe to take them on shorter runs first?

Last night after dinner I was able to get 800 meters of swimming done, it was nice to get out and do something. I'm still debating on taking tonight off running or going for a short run. I feel 95% better than I did this weekend.

What do you do if you feel a little under the weather? Do you go ahead with your fitness plans or do you rest at the first sign of sickness?


Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Girl, you are a trooper! 10.5 miles with a fever?!?! You are tough as nails!!! Always my inspiration! Love you!!!

Elaine Forward said...

Glad you are feeling better Brandy... was wondering if the heat wave in LA was reaching Irvine at all... how is Weston and Natalie.. school going ok? Think of you often
Love Mom

Vitamama said...

Next time "Crazy Brandy" (as you lovingly call her) rears her head, you need to stick your fingers in your ears and sing "lalalala" to yourself. Tune out that crazy b*%ch...she's trying to kill you!! LOL.

Ann said...

Brandy!!! You are a nut!!! I'm assuming you are feeling better now. Take it easy, girl!!

Rachel said...

are you getting better now? You may try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (ninjiom-hk.cwahi.net). i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.

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