Run for today- Easy Run

Tonight was my first run after my terrible Saturday run, boy did it feel good! I took most of the week off from running because I still didn't feel 100% and I didn't want to drag the sickness out with the race just a couple weeks away.

When I left the house after dinner it was already dark and I actually thought I saw lightning. I thought of rain most of my run. I miss rain. It hasn't rained since we moved here in May. I love the smell, the feel and of course the sound of rain. I have been told that here in Orange county it rains in January and February. I can't wait!

Okay back to running...it was a great run tonight. I ran fast much faster than I had planned but every time I slowed down it felt like I was walking.

Stats for tonight:
Time: 45:52
Distance: 9:09
Avg. Pace: 9:09
Calories burned: 482

Mile 1- 9:05
Mile 2- 8:59
Mile 3- 9:35
Mile 4- 9:27
Mile 5- 8:37---Oh yeah!!

It didn't rain.

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