Long Run

I went for 14 mile run on Sunday morning. I decided not to rush and get out the door super early I took my time snuggled with the family and slowly made my way out the door around 7:45ish. It was overcast and in the 70s which worked in my favor.

I was nervous about running 14 miles. The farthest I have ran is 11 miles and 14 feels like a really big number. My goal was to try and run my race pace during the first half and then speed up for the second half of the run if I had enough energy to do it.

The first 6.5 miles went by uneventful and then I made it to a new turn around spot and noticed this sign.
I was soo happy, I swear I had a skip in my step. That sign made the next 3 miles go by very quickly  I was just giddy about crossing over into a different town. 

After those blissful 3 miles my legs started to feel like lead especially on the hills. Then my mind tried every trick in the book to get me to stop.

For me a challenge I have when running longer distances (especially on the same path) is getting bored. 
When I get bored I start focusing on my aching feet, my legs, my arms, pretty much anything that remotely bothers me. 

When this happens I just try and double check what I'm feeling physically and make sure it doesn't warrant stopping. 
  • Feet are numb? I wiggle my toes and that usually helps the blood get flowing again.
  • Feet aching? Even if I stop they wouldn't feel better.
  • Blister forming? I can fix it when I get home, motivation to get home quicker.
  • Arms sore from being stuck in the same position? Shake them out for a second, it feels great.
  • Is anything painful? If the answer is no there is no real reason for me to stop.
  • Am I just uncomfortable? Yep, running long distances can get uncomfortable.
I have tried to stay tuned to what my body is feeling during these long runs. I never want to push myself to the point of injury but I also don't want to give in to minor aches. 

Distance: 14 miles
Time: 2:16
Avg. Pace: 9:43
Calories Burned: 1364

Mile 1- 9:41
Mile 2- 9:50
MIle 3- 9:50
Mile 4- 9:50
Mile 5- 9:41
Mile 6- 9:42
Mile 7- 9:41
Mile 8- 9:35
Mile 9- 9:30
Mile 10- 9:35
Mile 11- 9:44
Mile 12- 9:55--struggled to keep going
Mile 13- 9:55--still struggling
Mile 14- 9:27--WooHoo last mile!

11 days until my first half-marathon!!

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