Foam rollers- get your roll on...

Foam Roller 6" x 36"
One of my favorite tools during my half- marathon training was the foam roller. It is amazing. After my first eight mile run my hips and IT band started to get pretty sore. My friend told me that I needed to get a foam roller. I said "oh, okay" and from my response she probably knew that I wasn't going to run out and get one. She went into her house and let me borrow hers. 

Bless her heart I don't think she would have let me "borrow" it had she known I would hold it hostage for all of my training. But after my first very painful stretch session with the roller I knew I was in love. It just hurt soo good.

I read all about the foam roller all over the world wide web and tried to soak up all the new information. I worked on all my very sore and knotted muscles throughout my training. 

Stretching will never be the same for me because of the foam roller. I still work on my static stretches but before my long runs and after most runs I roll myself. I stop on every painful spot until I work it out.

Having a foam roller is like having your own deep tissue massage session in your house but without the cost.

If you have never tried one your really should. I borrowed a long one but I prefer the smaller one for me I'm 5'2", it's just easier for me to use.

Here is a great You Tube video from Body Spex that I really liked.

The stretches are pretty easy to learn. I felt like they made a huge difference in how my body felt during and after all of my runs.

Have you used a foam roller before? Do you have a favorite stretch you'd like to share?


Carrie said...

we have one - we call it the torture roll - it literally hurts so good!

Tina said...

hurts so good....come on baby make it hurt so good....sometimes love don't feel like it should, you make it....hurt so good. LOL sorry, i couldn't help myself

Ann said...

I have no idea what it does but, like you, I will search the world wide web for more info;-)

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