Spring break hiatus and other ramblings

Hello Friends!

We started spring break with a great camping trip in Big Bear, CA. When we returned to suburbia I decided to stay unplugged for the week. I hope that you all had a wonderful spring break and would love to hear about all you did!

I also took the week off from P90X. I can tell you that around week seven I started to feel burnt out with the program. I wouldn't say that it's because it's that tough because it's not as bad as I thought it would be although I have the tendency to build things up bigger than they are. Perhaps I'm getting tired of Tony Horton's corny humor...or all the push ups and pull ups...but maybe more than anything I think I just miss running.

So for spring break I took the week off of P90X (I didn't quit just a short break). I will pickup tomorrow with the start of the last four weeks. I will change from the classic program to doubles and instead of adding an extra cardio video I will add running back in because running makes me happy!

My spring break was nice. Camping, hanging out, a little spring cleaning, a visit from dear friends and of course to end with the celebration of Easter was great!

What where you up to for spring break?

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