Summer/ Fall Race Plans

Okay since I threw in the towel for P90X I have been casually running here and there. Swimming a day or two then a week or so off and a ride thrown in for good measure every blue moon.

I have not been consistent at all. Which is not terrible but I love how I feel when I am on more of a schedule. I love to cross training days off a plan. Registering for races helps keep me consistent and challenged. I usually have a goal in mind when I sign up for a race and I try to figure out a plan/schedule to help meet that goal.

I have signed up for one fall race so far but I have one summer fun race and one other fall race I am a little too nervous to sign up for.

These are the races I have in mind for the rest of this year and a little into next:

7/4/11-- Ralph J. Redington (aka Woodbridge) 5K--I ran this last year for my first race in CA. It was a really fun race. Here's my race recap.

9/11/11--Pacific Coast Triathlon-- I have not signed up for this race yet. I really would love to complete a triathlon. This is a local tri (I have a group of friends already racing in it) but the swim is in the ocean which really frightens me. You know sharks, big waves, murky deep water, etc. Open water???? Hmmm.. I'm just not sure.

10/9/11--Long Beach half marathon -- This is where I ran my first half last year. Poor organization last year but I hear they have a new event planner this year. Here's my recap.

2/5/12--Surf City MARATHON-- Oh yeah I typed that big fat word MARATHON not half but a full marathon I am pondering for Surf City. I want to run a marathon one day...I think 2/5/12 may be my day. Not signed up yet I have to grow a little more courage to click the marathon option. Yikes! Oh I meant YIPPEE!! :) Here's my race recap.

If you think you might be interested in signing up for a race and you're not sure how to get started take a look at this post.


East Coast-er Momma said...

I just ran a 10k Saturday. It was amazing. PLanning on my first half this fall!! Nervous but more ready than ever. I want to run a full marathon, too. It's been my goal since the beginning of the year.

Elise said...

Sounds like great plans! All of those races are great. PCT was my first open-water swim tri and once I got past the water, it was easy. Just get a few practice sessions in and you'll be fine.

Ann said...

Good for you!!!

Meercat said...

Open water? Girl, if you can gather up your courage for THAT, I'll just roll over right here and die. Seriously, it's cold in them there waters. And, hello. Sharks. But more power to ya if you can do it. I'm sure that you could do the physical challenge of it, but open water swim...? Well, get your big girl panties on--like you like to say--and GO FOR IT! As usual, you're my hero.

Carrie said...

B- you can do it! I promise you that marathon, even those halves that you've already done will end up much harder than that swim! Remember that you don't have to be the fastest swimmer, you just can't be the slowest one!!! I'll be racing that weekend too - at White Lake!

Ang @ Sparkles and Bugs said...

Awesome! I did my first 2 5K's and a 10K all in the last 4 months. I'm loving it. It's so HOT out here in Southern NV, so my running hasn't been as good, I'd rather run out doors than on a treadmill, but I can't wait to get back with it. I've been doing Turbo Fire and am loving that in the cool in doors :) I'm going to be doing a review and "fitness fridays" on my blog that I'd love to have some feedback to keep me going starting Friday. :)I can't wait to sign up for more races too!

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