Training for my first Triathlon

After my ocean swim I decided that I will be able to get through the ocean swim at PCT. I signed up for  the race after my ocean swim. I'm excited and a bit nervous.

Here is a short video of the race course: Pacific Coast Triathlon Course

This will be my first triathlon. I have already started training since I only have around 8 weeks until the race. GULP!

Luckily for me I am surrounded by more experienced triathletes and they have been more than willing to share their knowledge and help me out.

Here is what my training schedule looks like:

I also have the Long Beach half marathon I have already signed up for. It is four weeks after this triathlon so I have to make sure I keep a decent base milage so that I can add milage once the tri is over and increase my milage for the half marathon. My training schedule is a little tricky because I have a week where my hubby will be out of town and a week and a half that we will be on vacation. I will not have access to a bike but I will have access to a lake and I plan on practicing open water swimming in my wetsuit.

I have read a bunch of stuff on triathlons. Here are some of the websites I have enjoyed reading articles from in no particular order:

For my nutrition plan I have been adhering to the Paleo theory. For quite some time I have been having energy issues, sluggish feeling and my belly just always seems to be a little bloated and a little uncomfortable. I have been eating Paleo for about a month and I feel fantastic! I have cut out dairy, sugar and grains. And to be honest I don't really miss anything maybe because my body feels good.

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