Getting settled in the Midwest

I love all the barns that we see everyday here in the Midwest.
I snapped this pic on my iPhone while golfing in Madison with my hubby.

So this move has been a bit bumpier than we predicted it would be. For starters we bought a home here and the home needed some updates. We coordinated some of the updates from California but of course couldn't start until we closed on the house in April. The day we closed we met with the contractor and finalized all the paint colors for the house and the new flooring choices(stressful). The contractors started working the very next day. The goal was to get everything livable before the moving truck came to deliver all our home goods (that didn't really happen).

My hubby had to travel a lot during the first couple of weeks here which left me and the kiddos on our own. We stayed in hotels, checked on the remodeling and spent the days exploring our new area. It took right around three weeks to get most of the work finished. I was very motivated to unpack and get things settled since we wanted to host my daughter and my niece's fifth birthday at our house at the end of May(we did and it was a blast).

Unfortunately I was rear ended in the middle of May and that has slowed me down some. For the most part I'm fine just dealing with some neck and back pain from it (and the pain of dealing with insurance companies). I tried to just push through the pain but I started to get an ongoing headache and pain that would not go away so I started seeing a chiropractor to get everything back in order.

I have happily found a new gym, it's very family oriented and I love that! The kiddos love going to the daycare, they have a game room, rock wall, indoor and outdoor pool and Tae Kwon Do. I have had to take a break from running, first because of the move and my husband traveling I had no way of getting out on the road. Then after the accident I have had to take it easy but I just received the go ahead to start back running gradually so I'm exited and a bit nervous to get back on the road.

A few weeks ago I got back in the gym with a great strength building program that I had originally started after the Marathon. It's Jaime Eason's LiveFit program. The program is 12 weeks and there is no cardio the first 4 weeks which has worked well for my no running phase. I am on week 3 of the program and would love to share more about it with you. ;) It's really a good solid weight program and the best part is it's Free.

I am finally starting to feel a little more settled and feel like I have so much to share about all my new surroundings. I miss all my friends in Cali, it's been pretty lonely here. I know that this is just part of moving but it is really hard to start over in a new area.

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