It's been a HOT summer!

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Make sure you are staying hydrated!! I know that I can get pretty lazy on making sure I'm staying hydrated. It's important all year but especially important with the hot summer I know that everyone has been experiencing.

The kind people over at resource water sent me two bottles of their newly launched product: resource natural spring water. And I have to say that the water was quite tasty. The water has naturally occurring electrolytes which is a good thing. I love that this water is sustainably sourced and that the bottle is made of 50% recycled plastic. I wish more companies used sustainable sources and packaging.

I have been out and about a lot lately and it's nice to have more choices in the water category at the stores. I know that for a while I did not know the difference between purified water and natural spring water. Before I learned the difference I always chose purified because it usually cost less but after I learned the difference I only buy natural spring water now, I don't mind the extra pennies it cost.

Here is a quick run down of the differences:

Natural Spring Water: It is water bottled at a fresh source. Usually an underground formation where water flows on it's own to the surface. For bottled water to be labeled natural spring water it has to be collected at the spring. FRESH.

Purified Water: Also known as drinking water. This type of water is typically processed by distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis. They process water in different ways so that they can dissolve any solids and bacteria to clean the water and make it purified.

Personally I choose Natural Spring Water and resource is a great new option out on the market. Whatever water you are drinking...I hope you are drinking plenty...your body needs it!

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