Menu Plan for the week

Like I said it is simple. But I am excited to cook in my new kitchen! I didn't quite reach my goal to have this menu done on Friday, I was on such a roll unpacking I decided to just stick with what I was doing.

I wrote this list Saturday morning in hopes that I could get a grocery trip in at nap time. But sometimes things do go as planned and I didn't have a chance to go yesterday. So today is the day for groceries.

Chicken Wraps | Carrots |Apples

Jalapeno Burgers | Broccoli Slaw | Sweet Potato Fries

Grilled Salmon | Rice | Asparagus | Salad

Sausage Lentil Soup | Salad | Fresh Bread

Frozen Pizza | Salad

*New Recipe* Coq Au Vin Chicken | Couscous | Sweet Peas | Salad | Bread

Grilled Pork Chops | Roasted New Potatoes | Corn on the Cob

Normally I try to sit down and make a two week menu plan and repeat those two for the month. I am more successful at planning meals when I plan for the month. This means I only sit down once a month to brainstorm menu ideas. I find I don't dread planning my meals planning this way. I still shop weekly, since produce goes bad so quickly and our weekly needs can vary.

My family enjoys the familiarity of the foods for the month. I enjoy the simplicity of cooking and planning for the same meal twice a month. In the next couple weeks I'll share my two week plan for the month.


Tina said...

this was so inspiring to read....menu planning is my kryptonite :) thanks for the ideas!

Vitamama said...

Sounds scrumptious.d

Tina said...

b- do you mind sharing your sausage lentil soup recipe sometime? i have a copycat recipe from Carabba's that i want to try, but i would like to see yours as well. thanks!

Ann said...

Just got caught up on what's been going on with you guys...wow! You are amazing...those pics of rooms packed with boxes gave me heart palpitations...but you really took charge. I'm so glad that you got out for a run...from the pic, it looks like you live in a very beautiful community. And, I'm so glad to hear that the kids have already had a playdate -- how awesome is that!! Love ya girl.

Simply Fit Mama said...

Tina-menu planning can be kryptonite...it has been for me in the past. I just keep it simple and it seems to work for me now.

I would love to share the recipe I use for the sausage lentil soup. I plan to post it on Wednesday. :) Love to see yours too..

Ann- Yes, I have had many heart palpitations!! A minor breakdown and a few tears shed. But I am trying to keep my chin up and my eyes on the prize. :) The community is really nice. It is in the middle of Irvine, it makes everything really easy to get to. All the neighbors have been super nice. And the kids love having friends right on our street. :)

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