Good Run at dusk

The day progressed pretty quickly. The neighbor kids came over and invited the kids to play outside with them. They had a blast. I built a Lego race car. Went to the park.

Finished unpacking my kitchen!! Counters are clean and everything has a home. My living room is close to finished. And we will be sleeping in our bed tonight and not on the sofa bed! I rocked it today!

Went to the grocery store and met someone from Charlotte, NC that was fun. Grabbed a rotisserie chicken, broccoli and a ready-made salad. Dinner was delicious. Not homemade, I know, but still good and better than take out.

After dinner I literally ran out the door. I have been chomping at the bit to go for a run in our new community. When we first drove through this town I could not believe how many sidewalks and bike paths I noticed!! I kept mentioning them and I know our agent and my husband had to be annoyed after the hundredth time I said "look there's another sidewalk".

I took a path along the lake.  
Tonight's run was not my fastest run or my longest but it felt soo good to just get out and run. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sidewalks that surround me...oh and there is also great lighting on the paths.

The hills were great too!

Here are my stats for tonight:
Time: 29:21
Distance: 2.44
Avg. Pace: 12:03 (this includes warm-up and cool-down)
Calories burned: 294


Elaine Forward said...

Brandy glad you got out for a run. Love that lake. the boxes are overwhelming sounds like you have it under control and so glad there are children next door for the kids. love to all

Vitamama said...

Love that you posted your stats.

"Good for you. Good FOR you."
- Christopher Walken

Simply Fit Mama said...

Mom- Thank you. I am trying to ease back into my normal routine. The lake is beautiful. The lagoon just opened up. I plan to take the kiddos this week sometime. love you.

Vitamama- Thanks. I thought that I would share the details of my runs...make it more interesting. :)

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