My life in boxes

It's crazy how easy all the rest of the move seems now while I sit amongst boxes and boxes of stuff. This is the hard part. Unpacking and finding a place for each and every little thing we own. Sigh.

The last time we moved my son was 8 months old. I remember that he took long naps and played in his bouncy seat. It was easy. This time I have a 3 and 4 year old. They are very active and just want to play. They are very good at entertaining themselves but they still need me to break up fights, feed them, etc.

Here is a little peek at the progress as of yesterday morning.

Goals for today:
  • Finish unpacking the kitchen
  • Create a simple meal plan for the week
  • Grocery shopping
  • Go to the park
  • Unpack Master Bedroom (we've been sleeping on the sofa bed)
  • Go for a RUN!  (this makes me super happy, it's important to take time for yourself!)

Check back later, I plan to share my simple meal plan for the week. (Don't get too excited, it will be simple!)

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