Where in the world is Brandy?

I am back in North Carolina! Just for today; we fly out in the morning to go back to California. Here is a snapshot of what our travel has looked like this month:

  • North Carolina to California- House Hunting
  • California to North Carolina - Movers pack and load all of our earthly belongings.
  • North Carolina to California- Pick up keys to new house...stay in hotel for the week.
  • California to Illinois- Attend a wedding and a b-day party for Natalie & Cousin Haley
  • Illinois to North Carolina - David follow up eye appointment (had laser in January)
  • North Carolina to California - Final Destination!! 

By my calculations we have traveled by plane approximately...drumroll please...

 9,012 miles since May 1st.

(No, this does not include all the miles I have logged lost in California, that is probably another thousand.)

We are very excited to be "home" tomorrow. Our household goods arrive Wednesday morning. And our vehicles are in California waiting for us to get there. So we should be able to get our cars Wednesday, too.

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Tina said...

thank you for this update!! i have been wondering "where in the world" you were :) i know you will be glad to be settled. xoxo-t

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