Lap Swimming

Okay, I am excited and a little nervous for tomorrow morning. I have been invited by a couple of ladies in the neighborhood to join them for their Saturday morning swim with their swim coach. I said "yes" of course! I'm always up for a challenge.

I was excited to get a chance to meet a group of ladies that are into racing and training. And I am really excited about the opportunity to meet with a swim coach. 

I am nervous because I am not a great swimmer. I want to be and this summer I plan on changing that statement. But I am nervous to swim with a group of ladies I really don't know and I am pretty sure they are much stronger swimmers. I'm not sure what I think they are going to do: laugh at me --maybe, not be my friends--possibly-- after they see my doggie paddle. Okay, okay I do know more than the doggie paddle.

Has this ever happened to you? Get excited about a new challenge and then slowly fear/anxiety/nervousness creeps in. And then doubt sets in. I know this happens to me when I feel inadequate in something.

But what I have to do is remind myself that we all have to start somewhere and very rarely can you start out great in something. Most things take practice, dedication and patience to reach full potential. Remind myself that I am NOT competing with anyone else. Nor do I need to COMPARE myself to anyone. 

So tomorrow morning instead of backing out. I will be ready and waiting first thing as the sun rises. I am making a choice to get excited about tomorrows challenges. I hope that I learn something new. Get a good workout. And maybe make a friend or two.

Is fear and doubt holding you back from something you want to try?


Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Good for you! I've already had those fears and doubts about sewing as I hit my first few snags...oh, no! What have I done! Have I totally wasted a ton of money. I have to remind myself that I am a beginner...I'm actually even lower than a beginner, whatever that would be called...pre-beginner? :) It's hard for me because I just want to sit down and be able to do it right away, but that's the whole point of learning something new...to stretch yourself past your comfort zone. You have been such an inspiration to me...and you continue to be, even from 3000 miles away! :) Happy swimming!!!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Tracey- Thanks for the encouraging words. I think you will do awesome at sewing. I feel you I always want to jump right in and be able to do new things well. But you are right stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone is what learning is about. :) Check out sew mama sew look at their blog. They always have easy projects that are user submitted. I love that site!

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