Run for today

I always plan on running early in the morning, not because I'm a morning person, but in order to get a run in I have to do it before my husband leaves for work so that someone is here with the kiddos. When I get up and run it's great because I have done one awesome thing for myself for the day and no matter how crazy my day may get I can say I ran today. This makes me happy.

Another reason I plan for a morning run is if I miss it I have a chance to take a mulligan in the evening. What I mean by this is that after dinner I know that my husband will take care of the night routine with the kiddos and I can go for a much needed run and break from my day.

I am very thankful for my helpful husband and awesome father of my children. So today I decided to sleep in and take it easy this morning because I had a busy day ahead of me. This evening after dinner I went out for a nice evening run.

My stats:

Time: 35:11
Distance: 3.51
Avg. Pace: 10:01
Calories burned: 443

When do you squeeze your fitness plans into your day?


Anonymous said...

I usually like to do my workouts mid-morning but since I work full-time I usually do them in the evening.

If I could wake up at 5AM and do them then, that would be great. But I prefer sleeping most of the time.

What ever happpened with your workout buddies that you thought ditched you? Was it a miscommunication?

Vitamama said...

Yeah, I want to know whatever happened to the swimming coach that was a no-show, too!

I squeeze my workouts in at 5am (for running) and 6am (for 20-min weights). Either way, I'm done and showered by 6:45 or so.

That said, it's the ideal...not the reality. Some days I sleep in. And I WISH I had the energy at the end of the day to "make up" my workout, but I never do. I'm toast. Sigh...

You're my hero, Simply Fit Mama. I don't know HOW you do it.

Simply Fit Mama said...

fitfunandfabulous- Sometimes on the weekend I sneak in a mid-morning workout...they are great! And I really do love sleeping in. Especially this week for some reason...most of my workouts have been in the evening.

the workout buddies...I'll post something on this tomorrow...

Vitamama- You are silly. :)

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