The waiting is over...my package has arrived!

I have been stalking the UPS site since Monday when my package from swim outlet shipped. I love getting packages in the mail. This one was particularly fun because I had no clue what my swimsuit would look like. I was also excited be able to use all these new swim goodies. This should help me swim better, right?

The swimsuit is not poop brown....hurray!! Actually, I think it's pretty cute for an athletic swimsuit. It fits great, my boobs are secure and I feel like a swimmer even though I'm not really a swimmer. Now I need to bust out some mad skills in the pool. Do you like my "attitude" swim cap?  I tried them both on and the purple silicone cap feels and fits much better than the latex "attitude" cap. The latex pulls my hair, I'm still going to try and use it because it's funny. The goggles are cool. I have never owned a pair so anytime I've worn goggles they never fit quite right. These fit great, I can't wait to see in the water with them.

I am extremely happy with my purchase. Everything arrived quicker than expected, the swimsuit fits well and it's fairly cute, all the other stuff fits too. Happy, Happy, Happy!

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Elaine Forward said...

Happy Swimming! all looks good

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