Lap Swimming

On Saturday I went lap swimming with some girls from the neighborhood. The coach was there this week, this is the first time I have met her, and I learned a lot. She talked to me about letting my hips lead and that my hips and arms should be a fluid motion. I still can't figure out how to make my butt skim the surface of the water like it suppose to but that will come in time. She also recommended that I purchase a freestyle snorkel to work on my form first and later work on breathing rotation after I learn proper form.

Tonight I spent time practicing what I learned on Saturday. I spent twenty minutes of lap swimming focusing on my form and trying to increase my endurance. I am now able to swim 150 meters without stopping, it's not pretty though. By the end of my little session tonight I felt like I was starting to get the hang of the hip/arm motion. 

Have you ever used a freestyle snorkel? 

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