Lap Swimming

I had a great workout on Saturday morning swimming with the group and have decided to join a couple of them on Tuesday mornings for their morning swim. I normally swim on Tuesday (night), Thursday (night) and Saturday (morning).  I was hesitant to join them on Tuesday's because they swim at 4:00 a.m. (yes, you read that right 4 a.m.) and I really didn't feel like getting up that early to swim. 

But I have noticed how much longer I swim and push through my wall when I swim with the group. They are all a lot better then me and they swim for about an hour or longer. When I swim on my own I swim for about 20-30 minutes and call it a day. So today my alarm went off at 3:20 a.m. I pulled myself together and went for my first 4 a.m. swim.

I worked hard for an hour. I am now trying to use swim workouts in the water instead of just swimming aimlessly. Here is what my morning workout looked like:

Main Set
8x25 pull
25, 50, 50, 25

After I finished this workout I went ahead and kept swimming laps until the others were finished. Which probably worked out to be around 400 meters or more.  

When I got home I did my weight routine and I am happy to say that I was done and showered by 7 a.m. this morning!

P.S. I will have a menu plan soon. Just running behind this week.


Vitamama said...

Well I simply have nothing to say about this other than, "ARE YOU INSANE?" and you KNOW that I am a morning person. Wow, 3:20. That's commitment. I seriously need to close my mouth now...it's literally hanging open. :-)

I'm so glad that you are finding friends and workout partners out there in the O.C. They don't know how lucky they are...the earliest I could get you up and out of bed was 4:40! Love you girl! Miss you tons.

Slipcover Girl said...

slacker. where's my menu plan?

Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Girl, you are super woman! While you are swimming at 4:00 a.m., I am feeding Finny and trying not to fall asleep and drop him on the floor! :)

I think your workouts sound awesome! Happy for you...and happy you and David got to have a date night!

Miss you lots! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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