Countdown to Kindergarten- 5 days

You had a haircut today, both you and Daddy had haircuts together. You two have been getting haircuts together for the last couple years and I love it! You always ask for a silly haircut and when your hairstylist ask what type of haircut you would like you say something silly. The haircut names are usually along the lines of: " A Boston haircut please", "A peanut butter and jelly haircut, please", "A helicopter haircut, please". Today you had to think about what type you wanted and you started to say; A school ....and then you changed your mind to A soccer haircut, please.

Your haircut is always the same, although you style it differently these days, you want it to look like Daddy's. You folded and put away all of your laundry which you often do, but today Daddy gave you a dollar for your efforts. You were soo excited and asked if there was anything else you could do today to earn more money. Daddy had you wash your big tractor that was covered in chalk and dirt, it was a messy job, but you earned more money.

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