Run for today- Long Run

This run concludes week one of my half-marathon training. Eight more weeks of training and then one week of taper before my first half-marathon. This week of running was challenging for me, that's good, it's kind of what I needed.

I love learning how to get better, at anything really. I am nervous about the race itself because it is a rather large race but that's what makes it exciting at the same time.

I practiced using Cliff Shot Blok's today, I have been told after an hour I should eat/drink some carbs/electrolytes. I was amazed at the foreign/processed ingredients in some of the gels, gu's, and other stuff. I stuck with Cliff because I love that they use mostly organic ingredients, I can read their ingredients list, and we like their protein bars. The shot blok's were good, not like a treat or anything, but a nice boost in energy. I took them at mile 5 (halfway point), I noticed a big difference at the end of the run, I didn't feel shaky or cranky like I needed food right away.

After the halfway point a running group came up and started running all around me. I couldn't get away, I kept trying to fall back but there were people behind and on both sides of me. I knew I would keep pace with them for a while because I get "herd mentality" especially in races, this is why I am working hard at pacing myself. Of course they were going too fast for me but I hung in there for a while and when I finally broke free I was struggling to keep my pace and the next mile was really bad.

My hip has been bothering me since I started the 10 mile runs. I am using a foam roller to work it out and focusing on stretching more frequently (I am not great at stretching).

My stats:
Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:43
Avg. Pace: 10:17
Calories Burned: 989
Avg. HR: 167 bpm

Mile 1-10:22
Mile 2-10:28
Mile 3-10:30
Mile 4-10:23
Mile 5-10:06
Mile 6-9:56- (swept away with the running group)
Mile 7-10:08
Mile 8-10:36
Mile 9-10:19
Mile 10-10:00

My goal pace was: 10:25

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