Summer days

Days spent outside with new friends. 
Laughing and playing until your faces turn red. 
Begging to stay outside just five more minutes. 
Filling the street with silly drawings. 
Racing on scooters, on bikes and then on foot, but always racing.
Hiding from the Mommies, hoping we will find you.
Chasing all the silly bunny rabbits that dare to cross your path.
Black bath water, dirty nails and toenails that never seem to get clean. 
 I hope these days never end.


Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Those are the best kind of days...no schedule, nowhere to be, just being together, enjoying each other and our beautiful world. Love you guys!

Elaine Forward said...

Ah Brandy, those days are the ones that will always be treasured and embedded in memories...
Love to all

RLR said...

Nat's hair is so blonde.
Miss you guys

Vitamama said...

That reads like a poem. Thanks for sharing. Sweet kiddos...makes me miss 'em!

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