A few changes around here

I don't know if you have noticed but there have been a few changes at Simply Fit Mama. I enlisted my amazing web faerie to make some magic happen to give this blog a little summer cleaning ( I missed the spring cleaning boat). And in the blink of an eye she had everything that I needed done because she's rad like that.

Here are some of the changes:

  • There are two new categories on the navigation bar at the top "Recipes" and "Menu Plans". You will be able to click on either word and the page has all the recipes or all the menu plans from this blog. Yippee!!

  • At the bottom of every post right next to the comments there is a "Print Friendly" button that will enable you to print that post if you would like. This should come in handy for printing recipes. You also have the option once you click that button to delete what you don't want from the post like pictures or my rambling, to save printer ink.

  • The rest of the changes are cosmetic but I do hope you enjoy the refreshed look of this site.

And just in case you are interested in new blog designs or need a refreshed look for your current blog take a look at Carrie from Sweet Faerie Designs. I think she is awesome and highly recommend her! I also know her in real life and she is a peach. She makes all my crazy ideas become a reality.
Thank you, Carrie!

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Elaine Forward said...

I did notice the difference Brandy well done... are you going to see William and Kate today they are going to be in Hollywood... hope all is well with everyone.. hugs to all

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