TJ's Teriyaki chicken | Brown Rice | Edamame

Fast food at home. When I shop at the store I always look for a couple quick dinners. Dinners that take very little effort. I'm human people. Sometimes I just don't want to cook. 

I struggle on the nights I don't want to cook, especially since we have moved to California. There are a ton of options to get food to go. I have to stop and remind myself that I have something in the freezer / pantry that is faster than take-out, cheaper and better for us! Arming my pantry and freezer is the key for just saying no to take-out. 

Some weeks I plan on them like this week, my husband was out of town, my son has VBS (vacation bible school), and my daughter has had dental and doctors appointments. 

Tonight I made:

Trader Joe's Frozen Teriyaki Chicken  $4.99 a bag
-This helps satisfy my chinese take-out cravings. No MSG, No Preservatives, No Food Colorings.
-You can cook it in the microwave in 8-10 minutes. I still like to put it in a pan and heat it.

Frozen Brown Rice
-When I make rice, I make a big batch and freeze leftovers in quart size bags.
-Rice freezes well.
-I always have a healthy grain ready on a moments notice.
-Makes for great fried rice, add to soups, burritos, quesadillas, salads, etc.

Edamame (Soybeans)
-Delicious and fun. Kids love popping the beans out of the pods.
-If you have 5 minutes you have time to make Edamame
-Super Food: Fiber, Calcium, Protein, Antioxidants
-Great snack, hot or cold

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