Eat lots a fish!

Last night my husband came home early and took us out to eat at the beach. We went to a kid friendly restaurant last night because we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with the kids too. We ate at a local fish place down at Newport Beach. The fish was super fresh. I had the broiled halibut. The kiddos had grilled shrimp and David had crab cakes. The food was good but not out of this world. It was a fun place to visit though. They really lacked any green veggies. Which was a little disappointing.

If you eat fish make sure to take care in your selection of fish. There are some fish that are over fished and lot that are highly contaminated. You can find lists that will give you the best fish for the environment and there are list that will give you the lowest Mercury levels. I like to fall somewhere in between so I like this list below.

* The Best of the Best: May 2010

  • Albacore Tuna (troll- or pole-caught, from the U.S. or British Columbia)
  • Freshwater Coho Salmon (farmed in tank systems, from the U.S.)
  • Mussels (farmed)
  • Oysters (farmed)
  • Pacific Sardines (wild-caught)
  • Rainbow Trout (farmed)
  • Salmon (wild-caught, from Alaska)

** Other Healthy "Best Choices"

  • Arctic Char (farmed)
  • Bay Scallops (farmed)
  • Crayfish (farmed, from the U.S.)
  • Dungeness Crab (wild-caught, from California, Oregon or Washington)
  • Longfin Squid (wild-caught, from the U.S. Atlantic)
  • Pacific Cod (longline-caught, from Alaska)

There are a ton of other resources on what fish to buy and there are some great lists for fish in your region, mobile guides and other good stuff at : Monterey Bay Aquarium , NRDC  and EDF.

Fitness for the week has been lacking, I haven't felt 100% so I took the week off. I am glad I did since I have visitors coming into town today!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I decided to become a vegetarian a few months ago but have finally decided that I will still eat fish. This came in very handy!

It is really hard to find any fresh fish where I live (Dallas, TX).

Vitamama said...

We just ate farmed rainbow trout last week when on vacation in our nearby mountains. The water at the catch-your-own fish farm was crystal clear and oxygenated...it looked much cleaner than the river we'd been fishing in (without any catches) all week! Love the list. Thanks for sharing! And for people who think they don't like sardines, give 'em another chance: try them on a cracker with a little mustard or hot sauce.

Ann said...

Beware: While grocery shopping the other day I picked up a package of Salmon that said "Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon." After careful inspection of the back of the package I found these words: Product of China. Man, you just never know. Thanks for the fish-buying tips!! Great stuff!!

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